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Founded in September 2013, Beijing D&H (Yinchuan) Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “Yinchuan branch”) currently has nearly 30 practicing lawyers and assistants and some of the lawyers used to serve as judges, policemen or civilians, among other positions, in people’s courts, public security authorities and governmental agencies. Yinchuan branch has established reasonable management and service systems incorporating professional work division, teamwork, inter-team support and the mechanism of direct responsibility assumption by lawyers in charge or by lawyers’ teams. With full support of the Beijing head office, Yinchuan branch will bring into full play the professional capabilities of its team in the domain of law and fully leverage the social resources and relations of all its staff members to offer long-term, high-quality and all-around legal services to enterprises, public utility organizations, governmental authorities, scientific research institutions, universities, colleges and other organizations or individuals engaged in economic and trading activities. 
The office space of Yinchuan branch has been furnished with professional communication, network and video devices and equipment to create a nice working environment for the Division’s lawyers. The lawyers seconded by the Beijing head office have transplanted the head office’s advanced concepts, ideas and rules into Yinchuan branch, such as the head office’s management concept and experience, company culture, distribution and training mechanisms, business operation patterns, teamwork and inter-team support, and the Division has built a number of professional lawyers’ teams over the years of growth, which are of unique features and strong capabilities.
Over the years, the Division has formed a healthy mechanism of learning, training and discussion along with the Beijing head office through video devices, the working pattern and case-handling mechanism based on communication, interaction and cooperation have been formed between the Division’s lawyers and their peers in the Beijing head office, which further enable them to offer convenient, high-quality and highly efficient legal services to clients. Yinchuan branch has also had in-depth cooperation with the Beijing head office and the experts and professors engaged by the head office in a number of individual cases, wherein good teamwork and remarkable results have been attained. Besides, the Division has been engaged in pertinent researches and field practice in conjunction with the head office’s lawyers and the experts and professors hired by the head office in domains including foreign parties-related operations, and operations involving administrative laws, the new third-board market, taxation planning, etc.
Yinchuan branch has set up specialized departments including Civil and Business Law Department, Criminal Law Department, Administrative Law Department, Foreign Business Department, Project Construction and Real Estate Business Department, and Executive Department, etc., and specialized teams made up of professional lawyers, experts and professors have been formed to offer highly efficient, high-quality and convenient legal services to clients.

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